Here are some Linux projects that I work on. Just started a mail server wich is powered by Postfix accompanied by Dovecot a little bit of SpamAssassin and Clamav for a little bit of security. Also with a web mail application wich is well known Roundcube and all of this use SSL/TLS  with courtesy of certificates to Let`s Encrypt. All those things works on Debian “jessie” wich is also responsible for running NGINX as a web server to support this treats. There are also running Mailman, MariaDB and PHP-FPM. And because all of this needs a little bit of security we have to use a little bit of Iptables wich got the worst syntax, not like the good old ipfw or pf but I`ll get use to it :). Also I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as my every day computer and a home server, running on FreeBSD 10.2 that supports FTP, Apache, MySQL, Samba and OpenVPN. And thanks to a great service from OVH I got an opportunity to play with IPv6.